Requests by Digby Mackworth Dolben

I asked for Peace—
 My sins arose,
 And bound me close,
I could not find release.

I asked for Truth—
 My doubts came in,
 And with their din
They wearied all my youth.

I asked for Love—
 My lovers failed,
 And griefs assailed
Around, beneath, above.

I asked for Thee—
 And Thou didst come
 To take me home
Within Thy Heart to be.


Explosion Affected Reflection by Helle van Aardeberg

This Poem won the ‘Poetry for Peace’ contest held by the UN.

Blasted into a wasteland,

behind an old torn photo

Father silently weeps

for what were once his people

their voices and love forsaken

while Mother has grown old torn

in recollection with grief

her children’s young kisses

still innocent upon her cheek;


unborn babies hear exploding bombs as yet she stares,


out the broken window,

in remembrance for peace.