A Simple Man At War by Amy Stewart

Deafening hollows of cries echoed through his ears,
the hushed presence of a silent grief portrayed the Valleys.
Dividing the Dawn into Darkness to give a prolonged effect,
which the outcome of this defeat
lead all men to whither through death and agony,
outlasting they’re simple breathes
into now the whimpers of Mercy.

The colour through a mans eye everlasting and bright;
yet now an Anthem of a great divide.

Souring into the Nothing of Tomorrow,
forever fading into an everlasting dream.
Waving to the breathe of life,
falling into a loosing conclusion
that he will always fight for his last breathe.
The plague never loosening its grip,
taking more victims, holding out in spite everything.
The dreaded guns of War released on us,
destroying an unknown soldier,
through this dance of the Devil
was a battle carried out by very few men.

Here the Faith had a final warning,
until the ends of the Earth,
the fight had kept
In every desperate situation,
everyone does there bit to get by and being
inventive to an uncertain future.
Through the everlasting Revenant and still calling to you,
ashes and chaos will never break the circle of Survival.


From I See Expenditure by Amy Stewart

There’s something extremely strange about us, not so far for external, but in our minds, our minds hold keys. Memories.
But for ourselves, we have our purpose; even failures.
But our future, is that what we are made for?
We are no longer in the past,
We are neither in the future,
We are in the now.

There are times we create worlds in our minds, to make ourselves feel more alien to this life.
For Inside our minds can be worlds so ungodly beautiful, we forget this fact, create and make many thoughts, sheltered in us is a dream, a dream so amazing. We keep it hidden.

Why do we do this?
Us humans are extrodianry, we have thoughts, feelings, dreams, emotions and what do we do?
Make realities in our minds, so powerful that we prefer that inner world to this one.

When you have no light in the darkness, you may walk alone.
Maybe choosing to walk alone or trying to find someone else to walk with you, But know i can see through into your darkness too, beside you now i still question these thoughts.

I lay here now, accomplished nothing but feeling scarce. feelings of overselling anxiety, or maybe deep intertwined sadness of who i want to be, but unable to be there. Im stuck. Im always stuck, caught between a barrier of unspent sorrows.

Seeking refuge, i want to bid a final farewell to this war.
Am i safe here? Are we safe?.
For now im capable of intending to find myself hidden, but till then,

The darkness will find me again


sculpture: https://lithicworks.com/2016/06/24/form16ballymaloe-sculpture-exhibition/