Eternal Resting Rainbow by Bonnie Collins

Tides have rushed in and taken
the time that was given to us, it
marched in and captured the very
epitomy of our souls, and left us
each in a well filled without the
slightest hint of a light, but like
our love, it withstood the fate
of its endless journey

Time has passed and once in
awhile, still, looking into not
away from, and still can see
beyond the the depth of our
tender hearts

Love is, was, and always will
be the number one for both of
us, but not to be loved together,
we have searched our lives and
each has given the other the
respect that we each deserve
and have made that dying vow
that will take us to our eternal
resting rainbow……..


2 thoughts on “Eternal Resting Rainbow by Bonnie Collins

  1. Sometimes, out of the blue,

    My body takes me to a comfy spot nearby,

    It lays me down in a floating way,

    Where I think of you.

    Tonight it was in the darkness so peaceful it was,

    Lying down on the Comfy couch with cat under arm,

    Purring away,

    We slept softly.

    Waking to see the moon at the window,

    Between the gap of the drapes,

    I watched its banana like shape move slowley,

    Whilst thinking of you.

    Bringing a smile to my face,

    And a warm cozy feeling,

    I stayed there for a while,

    Thinking of you.

    You will never be far from my thoughts.



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