For Better and Worse by Yi Han

A day when this is the first thing you read is going to be a good day.

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Arushi Gupta Illustration by Arushi Gupta

When he woke up there was a snowy horse standing in the corner of his chamber looking at him.

He sighed. There were too many kidnapped princesses and distressed damsels, these days. The worst thing, so many of them offered their hand to him in marriage after being rescued.

No, he told each and every one who offered, we know not of each other, you reckon you are beguiled by me as I have saved your life and your heart is full with gratitude and your blood is singing, and it makes you act with haste. In the clear light of day, when your heart has calmed, you will find I am not as comely as excitement had clouded your mind to believe, and you are not as fond of me as you thought. If you desire to express your gratitude in some manner, kindly endeavour…

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One thought on “For Better and Worse by Yi Han

  1. From a Damsel 🙂

    Dear Knight in shining Armour
    How generous you are
    Full of strength and wisdom
    Atleast and by afar

    Marriage? sorry not from me
    I’ve been there once before
    But maybe just a cup of tea
    Biscuits 2, 3 or 4?

    A blether on a bench one day
    To get to know you better
    No judging, presuming or any fowl play
    Tw’d be better than a letter?

    What do you say?
    My handsome kind Knight
    Is it gony happen?
    Declare me if I’m wrong or right
    yae dinny mind a chattin

    By a Silly Billy 🙂


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