Sea-Nymphs by Miss Pardoe

Bravely ride the Ocean-Daughters,
When tempests lash the bounding waters;
Their music then is the thunder’s crash,
And their midnight torch the lightning flash
Then they garland their reeking locks
With the weeds that are torn from the streaming rocks,
And as he sees them shine through the gloom,
The mariner deems them wreaths of foam,
And breathes a prayer,that the next wild wave
May not prove his gallant vessel’s grave.
Gracefully ride the Ocean-Daughters,
When moonlight floods the sleeping waters;

Then the lotus that opens at night
Is wreathed in their tresses, soft and bright ;
The breeze that kisses the swelling sea
Is their best joyous minstrelsy ;
And they snatch at the stars when they see them glow
Inthe liquid depthsof the tide below;
Or chase the sword-fishin merry glee,
As they start through the still waves wild and free.
But fairest far are the Ocean-Daughters
When noontide sleeps on the quivering waters;
Then they cluster, like breathing flowers,
On their watery couch in those dreamy hours ;
Whispering soft tales, ‘mid the listening waves,
Of the sea-gods who dwellin their coral caves—
Tales such as earthly maidens tell
Of those whom they love, and who love them well;
One to the other murmuring low,
What must not be heard in the depths below.
Crowned with pearls; and draped in mist,
Tenderly by the sun-beams kissed,
Just where the rainbow spans the sea,
A triadof these sisters see !
Nought reck they ofthe cark and care
Of the toiling earth, or the fitful air;
Dreams of love,and forms ofgrace,
Fillup for them the realms of space ;
And blithely, o’er the heaving waters,
Swells out the song of the Ocean-Daughters


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